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Ecosoft – water cleaning systems


A clean source of water in your apartment

We are the largest international company in the market of water treatment equipment and technologies. The company was the first company in Ukraine to receive a certificate as a manufacturer of water purification systems, household filters and filter loads. The company's team includes more than 180 industry specialists - engineers and designers, scientists, technical support and production specialists, marketers, sales and customer service managers.

In your home - industrial, commercial and domestic water purification systems, as well as household filters for water purification, reverse osmosis systems (both domestic and industrial), water purification cartridges, materials and accessories, specialized in the production of leading companies in Azerbaijan such as "Ecosoft Water System" is an official distributor.

The products offered by our company are a result of the joint activity realized as a result of a strong research base, modern high-quality production, innovative technologies and an effective sales system.


Ecosoft water professionals

We manufacture and sell the entire range of products for water treatment: from bench-top jug filters to unique industrial units with a capacity of hundreds of cubic meters per hour. The company manufactures products under four own brands, as well as a number of customers' private brands (private label). Prepared products are exported to more than 20 countries of the world.

For years, we have been solving problems caused by poor water quality in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Asia and South America. Experience shows that high-quality water filters are an underestimated way to improve our lives. According to our company's policy, people should never compromise their health in order to gain economic income and increase their profits. Our mission is to provide humanity with the cleanest and safest water.

Carefully selected components, as well as the use of new primary raw materials without harmful additives, made it possible to produce a quality Ukrainian product according to high quality standards, confirmed by TUV Safety, Hygiene and BPA Free certificates. Ecosoft Water System provides everyone with quality and unparalleled water purification products at an affordable price.

Ecosoft Water Systems, which we produce based on our experience and knowledge, are the most advanced technology that will provide people with clean and safe drinking water. Unique European-made components, advanced technologies, including unique Ukrainian technology for cartridge production, attractive design, and strict quality control at all stages of production make Ecosoft Standard the world's leading company for the production of high-quality water filters. In addition, the experience of Ecosoft Water System engineers allows us to adapt the parameters of our filters to the needs of local markets: e.g. The fluoride-rich waters of Texas (USA), the increasingly hard water of Valencia (Spain) and the murky water of Vladivostok (Russia).

As Ecosoft we are proud of our engineers who carry out the serial production of Ecosoft Standard water filters. These water filters are an excellent choice for our customers who are looking for a high quality product and want to take care of their health by solving drinking water problems.