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Ecosoft water filters official store in Azerbaijan, Baku. Our professional managers help you choose the optimal water filter that suits you. Ecosoft Baku team delivers water filters throughout Baku and installs water filters completely free of charge.


Our specialist:

1. Unpack the filter in front of you and check that all the necessary parts are included in the kit.

2. Together with you, we will determine the place of installation of the water purifier under the sink, as well as the place of installation of the tap for clean water to ensure maximum convenience for daily use and replacement of filter elements.

3. Shut off the cold water supply valve to relieve pressure in the pipe.

4. Drill a hole and install a drinking water faucet on a stainless steel sink or chipboard countertop.

5.Install the adapter (ball valve) on the water pipe. It will connect cold tap water to your faucet with a flexible hose in a metal braid with a connection size of 1/2″.

6. Fix the filter on the wall (wooden or chipboard) in accordance with the instructions.

7. Connect the filter to the ball valve (water supply) and to the clean water faucet using the supplied plastic tubes 1 m long.

8. Install the filter elements in the correct order.

9. Start the filter in operation: check the absence of leaks, carry out the primary washing of the filter elements.

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